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Standard tour programmes include Ancient Rome,

Baroque Rome, and Vatican


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If you’re in a hurry or only passing by, book my Rome in a nutshell tour. It takes about 5 hours’
worth of sightseeing.


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I usually try to customize the tour in accordance with your expectations and the number of
hours you want to spend in the Vatican.

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I have been a licensed Rome & Vatican guide for 20 years. In order to get a licence, I was
required to pass a state exam covering art history, archaeology, and geography. My tours are
available in Polish, Italian, English, and Russian. I also speak Spanish and Japanese, and I
am currently learning Swahili as well.


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Beauty all year round!

Rome is unquestionably one of the most beautiful cities in the world thanks to its countless historic sites dating from as far back in time as the 8th century BC! Furthermore, Rome is notorious for its great weather and an advantageous geographical location. All in all, we get 8 warm months in a year. The grass is green all year round and many plants blossom in winter.

Excellent location

The city of Rome lies solely 25 kilometres (about 15 miles) from the Mediterranean Sea and as little as 100 kilometres (62 miles) from the Apennine Mountains. Only 20 kilometres south of Rome (about 12 miles) you can find rolling hills with numerous hidden, picturesque towns from the Medieval times. Such as Castel Gandolfo – Pope’s summer residence!


Airport transportation

I work only with the best transportation companies. For instance, if you need assistance in
getting to or from the airport, I can organize it for you. Only professional drivers in fully
functional cars.

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Secrets of Italian Cuisine

I will advise you in which restaurants you can taste the real Italian cuisine

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